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The trending question is; can everyone paint? But my answer is YES, everyone can paint. It is a surprise to note that majority of people hasn’t picked up a paintbrush and attempt to paint. It is only a few courageous and curious people who have tried to paint something in their lifetime. Okay, I was similar to them until when eight months ago when I came across Graham Coxon’s quote about how people were being put off painting and lose morale in painting from an early age just because they are discouraged by others, been told they couldn’t paint. I got interested in painting and further continued researching of the painting tips from websites. I came to realize that, Graham was enthusiastic about art, and he went further saying that putting brush to easel was good for human mental health. That statement by Graham struck a chord in me and so, I went straight to one of the local art shops. I found a nice man who sold me a sketchpad, easel, paintbrush, and a load of acrylic paint.

I tried art painting, and the first splodge of paint was a bit disappointing. I never give up; I tried again and again until I become a pro in art painting. I could paint thick cartoons and looked like a kid’s painting. Many could laugh at me and make some disgusting jokes about my painting. The spirit of painting was high to me, and I couldn’t stop trying. After a month of trying cartoon painting, I could paint any form of art. I become a street painter. Later, I advanced to house painting. My dream of becoming a professional house painter was guiding me and giving me the curiosity to learn everything about painting. I read house painting tips and directions from various sources. I asked painting experts questions; I had an active mind about paint. Finally, I become a professional house painter after numerous failures. I never gave up, always remained confident and I become what I wanted to be; a professional house painter.

Everyone can paint; everyone can become a professional house painter. Just like me, you can achieve your dream of becoming a pro in painting. Just remain positive and work towards your dream because every dream is valid. Painting is not for few; it is for everyone with a dream. It only requires perseverance, patience, and determined. Be ready to learn from others, try and you will want you to want to be. Thank you for taking this piece of advice from me!