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DIY Garage Storage Ideas

repairing garage doors

Credit: DIY ideas

Making the best use of the available storage space in the garage is easier said than done, especially if you are passionate about mechanics and loves to resolve common problems by yourself, without taking your vehicle to the repair shop. However, to store all your tools and other common household items is not as easy as might be thought by one, this is the reason you should come up with some basic hacks to help maximize the available space, without having to invest in additional cabinets or adding extra square area in your garage. That said, here about 5 storage ideas in the garage you should definitely try.

The Jumbo Tape Dispenser

This is a good, cost effective, and time effective DIY project that is both enjoyable and entertaining. Just as the name implies, this Jumbo tape dispenser will help you in getting just the right amount of duct tape anytime you need it. Whether you need to isolate the cables in your car or any other basic task, you can always rely on your tape dispenser to do that. You won’t have to worry about having forgotten   the end of the duct tape again.

Create a Sliding Storage System on the Ceiling of your Garage

This is another great DIY garage storage idea that will certainly help you save a lot of trouble and space. What about creating a sliding suspended storage system where you can keep all your tools and other valuables? This way, you always know they are in a place where you can reach them easily, and all you have to do is to grab the handle of your newly developed storage system up and to drag it down.

Bike Shelf

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to always take your bike for a ride, then certainly you know how difficult it is to store all the essentials (a small snack, your water bottle and so on). Regardless of whether you thought of going on a short trip or you want to go to the grocery store, this is a stylish, affordable and effective storage hack that will definitely be useful to you, the next time you take your bike out of home.

Screwdriver Coat Rack

Screwdrivers are unarguably one of the most important tools for any car owner or mechanic – you don’t need to be a professional handyman to know that a small multi-purpose screwdriver can take you a very long way! However, the real problem arises when you try to store the screwdriver, especially when you have too many of them! This is an excellent alternative to the traditional screwdriver rack.

Organize your tools with PVC

If you feel you have more tools than you can handle, then look no further than this precious storage idea that involves only a few pieces of PVC! Efficient, durable and very affordable. This is an excellent tool organizing idea that can easily be implemented in your own garage, most especially when renovating, repairing garage doors and other stuff in the garage.