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This is one of the best ways benefit from investment that you put into your basement remodeling. A basement shower will significantly increase its value while also function as a handy amenity. Because of the sub grade type environment you are working with, it is necessary to take precautions so as not to cause any future water damage during the course of installing your basement shower. The steps involved in installing a basement shower are:

1. Locate the drain

Find the drain that was installed when the concrete was poured in during the construction of your basement. It is usually a pipe that sticks out from the floor. The drainage will run into this pipe. The shower can be located anywhere you prefer in the basement but most people usually find it significantly easier to install the shower closely to this particular drain.

2. Design the shower

When designing the basement shower, make sure it is easily accessible not only to you but also to everyone else in your home.

3. Begin the shower construction

The part of the floor where you intend to install the plumbing for the shower should be broken. Remove any rebar or mesh that was put into place to strengthen the concrete so as to provide space underneath the drain for the shower in order to be able to install a trap.

4. Vent shower drain

The shower drain should be vented into the outside vent stack and if it is not accessible, you should purchase an auto-vent utilizing a rubber flapper for the trap so as to promote smoother drainage. Your drain will overflow if you do not have proper plumbing for your shower, and this will result in costly water damage.

5. Frame support structure

Make sure you frame your shower’s support structure. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to have an idea of what you need to know in regards to frame construction. Then, Install the required plumbing within an interior wall and also put an access panel inside an adjoining room in order to make it is easily accessible.

6. Insert Panels

The enclosure panels should be inserted and installed. Double check to ensure that your shower plumbing is installed correctly. This can be done by running some water into the drain and looking out for leaks. Ensure that all leaks are fixed before you proceed so as to prevent water damage. 

Still got question on how to install your basement shower? You can mail me using the contact us page, i am a St. Charles basement expert and i believe i can help you with any confusing questions!