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Before using a new machine, it is critical to seek the relevant information regarding the machine. Nowadays you can retrieve any information you need from various sources such as; use Google, read books, read articles, go to your library, watch videos on YouTube, ask people questions, and seek information from pros. In short, you can acquire the knowledge of how to efficiently use the paint sprayer from numerous sources. Nevertheless, some of the tips on how to use paint sprayer  where discussed n a podcast by one of the best painting contractor in MO and i will just share some of them here;

1. Read the directions

There are vital directions painted on the label regarding cleaning, pressure, priming, and clogging the paint sprayer. Ensure you have read all those directions and understood them very well. If you don’t get the directions well, please ask those people conversant with the tool. That will enable you to know how to use the tool efficiently.

2.Have a plan

You must plan on how to deal with the paint sprayer to avoid future problems. How are you going to clean it? Are the machine spares available and at what cost? How frequent to service the machine? Do you have a paint bucket? Those are some of the questions that you should ask yourself. Always you should remember not to overcoat the paint sprayer.

3.Wear coveralls

It is advisable to wear the recommended dressing code when using the paint sprayer. Wear a head sock! Wear shoe protectors! Wear goggles! Especially when spraying a ceiling. The apron is compulsory or else; you get paint everywhere. The professional painters advise washing your paint sprayer immediately after using it. Do not store your paint sprayer unwashed because the color will definitely dry and stick tough on it and become a problem to wash out the next time you want to use it.

If the paint sprayer is used well, it will last longer and in good condition. However, if you don’t keenly follow the above tips on how to use a paint sprayer, then you end up regretting.